I am uniquE

I am always unique, and so is every plank, every bevel, every piece. When I am still growing, I am influenced by weather and local conditions. These factors affect the way I look, making every piece unique, and impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Every annual ring tells its own story, every branch was necessary for my growth, and everything in me comes from the piece of land where I was grown. My naturalness and authenticity make me truly beautiful, and ensure that your home has a warm, cosy atmosphere. With me, you will bring true nature and comfort to your living space.

There’s only one me #personalitymatters
Everything about me is real #beoriginal
I am pure nature #stayunique

I bring sustainability to your home

I combat climate change every day, because I capture carbon dioxide.  1 m3 of wood absorbs 1 tonne of CO2.

I can also be used, reused, recycled and converted into bioenergy. If you wish, you can also grind and restore me multiple times, securing a service life from me that truly lasts a lifetime. You will also give a tree a second life in your home. This means that I am the only really sustainable type of flooring there is. The sustainable forest management methods practised throughout Europe make it possible to maintain a stable volume of timber. This is why Bauwerk buys its raw materials exclusively in Europe. So, like you, I am European.

I stand for quality #playitsafe
I bring you nature in its purest form #besustainable
I am European #focusonquality

I am good for your body and mind

We spend 80–90% of our lives indoors, which makes me even more important. I am parquet floor by Bauwerk and I am 100% healthy for living. I come from a sustainable forestry estate, and meet the strictest environmental standards. Everything about me is real. You can touch me without hesitation, and so can your children and pets. Good air is vitally important, and with me, you can breathe easy: I have a positive effect on the indoor climate, because I humidify the ambient air if it is dry. If it is too humid, I absorb excess moisture. Good acoustics are increasingly important in our noisy world. It is therefore good to know that I also have sound-reducing properties. If you want to do something well, then I am exactly what you need, providing you with a pleasant, relaxed sense of wellness.

I help you to relax #livewithme
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I am your oasis of well-being #letyourselfgo

I bring beauty into your home

Wood is a wonderful natural material known and loved by people throughout the ages: Wood lives, breathes, and is timelessly beautiful thanks to its colour, structure, and warm surface; it makes any room - even a kitchen or a bathroom - a real head-turner. I can guarantee that you will not get bored with me: I can be light and calm, or dark and full of character; I come with different surfaces and in many various formats. I can be laid in many exciting patterns, setting a tone that is calm or lively, classic or avant-garde. So here I am, unique and creative, conjuring a distinctive look for your home, ready to set the stage for your life. I am just as elegant as you are!

Design your own piece of happiness and discover your favourites among more than 350 types of flooring


Just as special as you are #standonme
I am authentic & stylish #getinspired
I’ll make your life more beautiful #pickmeup


We are happy to answer all questions about our products and our company.

Bauwerk’s wooden floors introduce a true piece of nature to your home, bringing warmth to your everyday life. Its palpable natural character appeals to all senses and creates a healthy, perfectly balanced atmosphere of well-being in every room.
Thanks to our flair for aesthetics and a strong sense of intelligent functionality, we highlight and reimagine the unrivalled features of authentic wood. This is how Bauwerk makes parquet to suit personal needs: clear, valuable, timeless.
Our ideas and work have always been marked by passion, precision and care. This is how we make top-quality parquet to meet the highest expectations. Every floor made by Bauwerk is a result of decades of experience and the closest attention to detail. These traits make our floors unique, life-long companions.
For us, innovation means continuously looking at wood in new ways — as a full product solution and in terms of our customer service, care and renovation. However, our goal is always the same: making floors that provide an unforgettable living experience.