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Single Family House in Ebnat-Kappel

Everything has its time. So does the lifespan of floors which have to function under full load from day one. A necessary floor renovation was a great opportunity to give the rooms of this house a completely new character.

Everything has its time. So does the lifespan of floors which have to function under full load from day one. A necessary floor renovation was a great opportunity to give the rooms of this house a completely new character.

A change in ownership is a great opportunity for renovating even robust floor coverings. This is just what the new owner did at Haus Ebnat, a building constructed in 1957 by the architect Thomas Schmid (SIA), Zurich. At the time, Schmid’s construction attracted a lot of attention, and the new owner was immediately impressed by its open concept design – due, not least, to the opportunities for further enhancement he perceived. The decision to replace the various floor coverings in the house with a uniform wooden floor was of central significance, adding an entirely new quality to the open space effect. The floor holds the room structure together and provides a dignified sense of uniformity across the different functional requirements.

The choice of Villapark parquet in Oak Avorio 35, deep brushed with natural oil finish, brings a genial luminance to the interior and harmonises with the exposed concrete elements. Given the generous floor plan, large planks (210 cm x 19 cm) were the obvious choice. With the exception of the shower and bathtub areas, the planks were also installed in the kitchen and bathrooms. This successful transformation of individual floor areas into a generous overall space would not have been feasible without thorough planning and expert advice.

The architecture of Thomas Schmid (SIA) from Zurich was characterised by its representativeness and renewal. This was also the case at the Ebnat residence built in 1957, which was elaborately refurbished.

The first important step in any floor renovation consists of defining the overall aim, followed by analysis of the various floor constructions and the heights of the finished floors. If the refurbishment focuses on one room only, or on separate rooms, it is usually sufficient to shorten the doors to adjust them to the new floor height. Where renovations involve various individual floor types, such as tiles, linoleum, carpet floors or wooden floors, it is usually necessary to add a new uniform installation base. Problems such as varying screed heights in individual areas, creaking, squeaking or insufficient impact noise reduction are further reasons why a new base may be required. Attention must be paid to connections with balcony and terrace doors and the integration of existing structural elements. Ground recessed lights, convector trenches and skirting boards will also be affected. On top of this, the efficiency of any floor heating systems must be taken into consideration.

Once all these aspects have been clarified, the installation direction must be chosen as a last step. Although there are no right or wrong decisions in this matter, the effect can differ quite dramatically, especially in the case of vividly structured parquet floors. If you decide to use parquet for your renovation, always choose a high-quality product to make the whole venture worthwhile. In choosing parquet floor, you have the opportunity to install healthy materials in your home. Wood is a natural product! During both the production and the installation process, which uses certified adhesives only, Bauwerk works in harmony with the natural properties of wood to ensure that nature is captured in your home.

Renovations of existing parquet floors must take the quality, condition and type of the flooring into account. Where the top layer is sufficiently strong and the surface is smooth, sanding is the best option and can be carried out more than once. The condition at first installation will be re-established and only deep «injuries» may remain visible. You can also change the look of the sanded surface. Using special machines, professionals can give structured and bevelled surfaces a complete face-lift. With wood being the only flooring that offers a second zero hour, choosing high-quality parquet pays off twice!

LocationEbnat-Kappel, Switzerland
ArchitectThomas Schmid (SIA)
Building ownerPrivate
Floor installerGeisser AG
ParquetVillapark, Oak Avorio
PhotographerSimone Vogel,

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