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Formpark parquet Creativity in laying patterns

Formpark parquet stands out for its simplicity and countless options for choosing the laying pattern.

Formpark parquet stands out for its simplicity and countless options for choosing the laying pattern.

Depending on the approach to installation and the lighting, Formpark can be laid in different patterns. Smooth transitions from one pattern to another are also possible. The Stephan Hürlemann and Simon Husslein designer duo developed this parquet floor to offer completely new laying options.

A story of success

The ground-breaking idea by two creative experts: two spacious plank formats that can be arranged orthogonally or in parallel thanks to their 1:3 and 1:2 proportions. This opens up a whole range of different patterns and floor typologies, with a lot of scope for custom designs. Formpark impresses with its architecture, poetry and consistency: it is an exclusive parquet floor that turns away from current trends and remains ever modern thanks to its individuality and diversity of form.

Since the introduction of this product in 2014, Formpark fever’ has spread among countless architects, investors and property owners. From residential houses to office spaces, and from hotels to public buildings: this innovative format wins people over with its individuality, and it seems to have its finger on the pulse.

The Formpark family

  • Formpark: captivates with its ten custom colour shades, from light and calm to smoked and dark.
  • Formpark Mini: Formpark Mini offers countless options for laying parquet on smaller surfaces in a creative way.
  • Formpark Rombico: Rombico is perfect for laying in the French herringbone pattern.
  • Formpark Quadrato: Quadrato lends itself for use in herringbone as well as many other diverse patterns.
Formpark, Oak Smoked, installed in a dining area

Seehotel Waldstätterhof lake-side hotel (Formpark Oak Smoked)

Seehotel Waldstätterhof in Brunnen is one of the most tradition-rich grand hotels in Switzerland. Formpark Oak Smoked and Villapark Oak Smoked parquets by Bauwerk were used to underscore the advantages of its imposing appearance, as these products fitted seamlessly into the new design concept by architect Guido Henzmann.

Detached house in the Rhine Valley (Formpark Oak)

The Interplay between the elements: the solid concrete structure with a black steel facade hides a natural material, wood, in its interiors. For the flooring, the architect and the owner chose Formpark in natural-oiled oak. The different laying patterns work with the architectural features of the house naturally.

Chesa al Parc alpine lodge (Formpark, Oak Smoked)

The Chesa al Parc alpine lodge is located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It is a harmonious combination of exposed concrete ceilings, Swiss stone pine panelling on the walls and dark oak parquet in the rooms. Very impressive: the Formpark parquet elements were laid in an alternating pattern, for contrasting shine in different lighting.

Detached house in Tuor (Formpark Mini Oak Smoked)

Formpark Mini parquet offers a lot of creative freedom for emphasising the new configuration of the rooms. Thanks to the small elements forming its structure, it allows diverse laying patterns and creates exciting textures and accents.

Park Tower in Zug (Formpark Oak and Oak Smoked)

Zurich architect Naomi Hajnos designed the interiors of most of the indoor spaces (including the apartments and offices) in the 25-floor Park Tower in Zug. For the flooring, she chose Formpark Oak and Oak Smoked, which add a special dimension and depth to the building’s brightly-lit rooms.

Testimonials for Story-Formpark

Every floor by Bauwerk creates a unique room experience. Draw inspiration from wonderful examples of parquet:



The predominant features behind the well thought-out overall concept of this house in Langenargen on Lake Constance are natural, pollutant-tested materials, intelligent building technology and future-oriented living. The simple and modern building is an ideal place to feel good, live and grow old.

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Apartment Amsterdam

Apartment Amsterdam

Life in the Netherlands spills out into the street, a phenomenon that is widely accepted. The seafaring nation is traditionally cosmopolitan, and the tendency towards openness even carries over when it comes to home interiors.

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City Apartment Berlin

City Apartment Berlin

There is an apartment building with 12 flats built in 1994 in the noble and popular locality of Grunewald in the western Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf borough of Berlin. The neighbourhood is known for its magnificent villas and some prominent residents. It was in this sophisticated environment where the owner of the property worked with architects to develop, with much attention to detail, a unique project of some 240 square metres.

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