1 Bauwerk Parkett AG, Neudorfstrasse 49, CH-9430 St. Margrethen is the organiser of the ‘Parquet Magic’ campaign. The campaign will be organised in the Newsroom on the ‘Bauwerk Parquet’ website at http://news.bauwerk-parkett.com/parkettzauber/.

2 Participation in the campaign is free of charge and is exclusively effected via successful participation in Bauwerk Parquet’s ‘Parquet Magic’ campaign. The campaign will take place in the period from November 2019 to February 2020. Participants must be aged 18 or above.

3 Prizes: The panel will decide on the winning submission among all participants who have submitted a project and provided correct information regarding their first name, surname and valid email address. The prize consists of a parquet floor for the submitted social institution, association or childcare centre. Government-funded organisations are excluded.

4 Winners will be notified by email or telephone within 5 days of the panel’s decision. The prizes will be handed over as agreed. Parquet floors will be delivered to the door free of charge but will not be installed.

5 Winners will be notified after the conclusion of the ‘Parquet Magic’ campaign and are required to respond within 48 hours of such notification. The winners agree that an anonymous form of their name (first name, abbreviated surname) will be published on Bauwerk Parquet’s Facebook page and on other online channels.

6 Participation in the campaign is not associated with any purchase of goods or services. Participants are not entitled to cash payments or payments of substitute prizes. Prizes are non-transferable. Bauwerk Parkett AG is not liable for any defects the prizes may have.

7 Warranty claims are excluded. If a winner fails to respond within the specified period, Bauwerk Parkett AG will select a substitute winner whereupon the original winner’s claim to the prize expires.

8 The organiser reserves the right to suspend or terminate the competition at any time without prior notice. The organiser will exercise this right if the due implementation of the competition cannot be guaranteed due to actual or legal reasons. In this case, the participants are not entitled to cash payments or payments of substitute prizes.

9 The implementation of the ‘Parquet Magic’ campaign is subject to Swiss law.

10 The panel’s decision is final and recourse to the law is excluded.

11 Winners will be notified either in writing or by telephone.

12 No correspondence will be maintained in regard of the competition.

13 The collection, processing and utilisation of personal data complies with all applicable data privacy regulations.

(a) Personal data

Personal data are individual data regarding the personal and factual circumstances of a defined or definable person and hence information that identifies a person or at least makes a person identifiable. According to the data privacy regulations, all such data are subject to special protection which we provide via the implementation of technical and organisational measures.

(b) Collection, processing and utilisation of personal data

Personal data will not be utilised for any purposes other than the implementation of the competition and will be deleted upon its conclusion. Should deletion not be possible due to statutory retention duties, the participants’ datasets will be made inaccessible until the expiry of the retention period, i.e. the data will be excluded from any further use. The data will not be passed on to persons who are not involved in the competition. The transfer of personal data to government institutions and authorities is limited to the extent required by law.

(c) Participants’ rights

Participants are entitled to enquire free of charge which of their data will be stored in the context of the competition. Upon respective notification, these data can be corrected, made inaccessible or deleted.

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