Do you have questions on how to clean and look after of your parquet? We are happy to share her many years of knowledge and experience on the subject of cleaning and maintaining parquet. For every situation and every floor – whether lacquered or natural oiled – we have the right expert tip. This makes cleaning and caring for your parquet even easier and you will be able to enjoy your high-quality Bauwerk parquet floor for many years to come.

Bauwerk’s cleaning tip #1

Here’s an easy way to remove spots from your parquet.

Is there anyone who has never accidentally spilled some liquid when clinking glasses? Whether red wine or other beverages, it’s not a problem. If your parquet floor has been getting the right care, spots remain on the surface and do not penetrate the wood. You can easily treat them and remove them.

Bauwerk recommends Bauwerk Intensive Cleaner.

Spray on Bauwerk Intensive Cleaner, distribute it evenly to form a thin layer and let it work for a few minutes.

Wipe off the Cleaner using an absorbent cloth or sponge.

Wipe the treated parquet surface with water using a slightly damp cloth and let dry.

Afterwards, you can clean and maintain your parquet normally.

Tips & tricks:

Do not use too much water to prevent the wood from

Protect adjacent surfaces before treatment.

The recommended products are available at our Online Shop or in our parquet worlds.

Bauwerk’s cleaning tip #2

This trick tells you whether your floor needs to be re-oiled.

Drib a drop of water on your nature-oiled parquet. If the drop retains its tension and stays on the surface, your floor is fine. If the drop is immediately absorbed into the wood, the surface needs to be re-oiled. How often you have to oil your parquet depends on its use. Bauwerk recommends re-oiling your floor once a year.

We recommend Bauwerk’s Care Oil Eco Colourless.

Apply a thin layer of Eco Oil evenly to the clean parquet surface using a cloth or mop.

Let the floor air-dry, do not wipe dry with a cloth!

You can use the surface again after 3 to 4 hours.

Tips & tricks:

If used excessively, a layer of oil may form. We recommend Bauwerk floor polish for general upkeep, which can be removed using Bauwerk intensive cleaner. Afterwards, we suggest that you polish the surfaces again.

When re-oiling, it is not necessary to remove all the furniture from the room. You can simply move them to the side.

The recommended products are available at our Online Shop or in our parquet worlds.

Bauwerk's cleaning tip #3

The way to treat scratches in your parquet.

Small children, pets and adults alike can leave scratches and chafe marks on the wooden floor. Open patches require treatment to close and reseal the surface. Scratches will be much less noticeable.

Tips & tricks:

Product recommendation for natural oiled parquet (not stained): 
Bauwerk Care Oil Colourless for natural Oak parquet floors 

Bauwerk recommends: 
Do you have stained parquet? In this case, please contact your floor installer or one of our worlds of parquet to obtain suitable Bauwerk care oil for stained floors

Product recommendation for lacquered parquet:
Bauwerk Parquet Care Eco 

Application: Apply the Care Oil or Parquet Care Eco evenly using a cloth or mop. You can use the surface again after 3 to 4 hours.

Bauwerk's cleaning tip #4

Useful tricks to keep your parquet ship-shape.

Entryway system (e.g. grate / door mat / textile mat)
Avoids sand and dirt on the parquet.

Felt pads on furniture (especially under chair and table legs)
Prevents scratches and indents. 

Removal of liquids
Quickly remove any liquids that lands on the floor to prevent swelling or discolouration.

Healthy ambient atmosphere
Make sure that there is sufficient humidity in the air – especially in winter.

Avoid turning the floor heating up too high
The surface temperature should never exceed 29 °C.


Bauwerk's cleaning tip #5

No problem if you use Bauwerk microfibre products.

VIt is best to use Bauwerk microfibre cloths. If you want to use microfibre cloths made by a different manufacturer, please follow the respective instructions.

Rosa recommends the Bauwerk microfibre wipe cloth for the Bauwerk spray mop or the Bona cleaning mop.

The recommended products are available at our Online Shop or in our parquet worlds.

Taking care of your microfibre cloths:

Wash at low temperature
to preserve the efficiency of the material

Use little detergent / no softener
Softener forms a film around the fibres and reduces / prevents the transmission of water vapour.


Free "Cleaning and Care" workshops»

There are regular workshops and events in our world of parquet. Did you consciously design your living space with Bauwerk parquet? Then take this opportunity to experience how easy and simple it is to clean and care for parquet.

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