Stairs have long ceased to be only the direct path to the upper floor. Rather, they are a detail-rich design element for an optimum spatial effect. The decisive factor is not only the architecture of the staircase and its construction, but also the configuration. The stair solutions made in Switzerland have a decisive advantage: the parquet floors and stairs have the same colour and surface treatment as well as the same degree of gloss.

Bauwerk offers versatile solutions for a harmonious overall impression - from the ground floor to the staircase and upper floor.


There are various possible design options and variants for your parquet staircase, depending on the layout of the room and living arrangements.

Side view visible - Version a)

Side view visible - Version b)

Side view visible - Version c)

Side view concealed - Version a)

Side view concealed  - Version b)

Side view concealed - Version c)

Custom Design

The main job of a staircase is to provide a safe and comfortable bridging between levels at different heights. There is a multitude of possible staircase geometries that can greatly influence the style of the architecture: from straight staircases to winded versions in combination with stair treads made of solid wood or parquet. The result is individual solutions – perfectly tailored to your wishes.

Straight stairs

Spiral staircase

Winding stairs

Innovative production technique

All stair solutions are manufactured in our Swiss parquet factory in St. Margrethen. A new and unique production technique makes it possible to crease the stair noses without damaging the surface. This offers decisive advantages: consistent surface treatment and the same edge protection as in the parquet.

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