How to register your ID

How to register your ID

Please have the following information ready for the registration of your Bauwerk ID:

Your personal data including a valid e-mail address, details of your project (new construction, renovation), the company name and address of your installer, the installation date and installed quantity of parquet, the 8-digit article number of your parquet according to the packaging or invoice as well as your personal Bauwerk ID registration number (format: XXXX-0000-XXXX). After you have entered all the data in the online form and submitted it, you will receive a confirmation to the e-mail address you have entered.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What happens when I sell my apartment/house?
First and foremost, you benefit from the fact that your installed Bauwerk ID shows the buyer that you have invested in a top-quality floor. As with other installed products, you will pass on the guarantee to your successor.

How resilient is the Bauwerk-ID?
The Bauwerk ID is made from anodised aluminium, i.e. the surface is protected and resistant to cleaning agents. Over the years, the Bauwerk ID will develop a patina, just like your parquet.

Can the Bauwerk ID be sanded?
Although the Bauwerk ID can be sanded, this will remove the logo and your registration number. If you have to have your floor sanded, just ask the installer to sand around the Bauwerk ID.


Register different or several products

If you have installed a dedicated Bauwerk ID for each product, simply register them individually.

If you have two different products but have installed only one Bauwerk ID, you can register both products under the one ID number.

In total, you can register up to five Bauwerk ID numbers with one online form submission.

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