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parquet surface treatments 

Be it pets, frolicking children or a lively everyday life: the parquet floor has a lot to deal with. We have the surface that suits your lifestyle.

Be it pets, frolicking children or a lively everyday life: the parquet floor has a lot to deal with. We have the surface that suits your lifestyle.

Fun birthday parties, a new toy railway for your child, or a kitten that loves to scratch everything: all these things create new everyday challenges for parquet. Above all, the robustness of the floor and the ease of the care it requires play an important role here. With the special surface treatments by Bauwerk, parquet is perfectly protected in line with your needs.  

Natural, sustainable parquet surfaces  

All Bauwerk parquet floors come with 100 % healthy-living surface treatments that protect the wood from wear and soiling. This makes it possible to prevent small scratches to the parquet, and minor mishaps can simply be wiped off. At the same time, these parquet surfaces are free from any harmful emissions, nanoparticles, or such substances as phthalates and plasticisers. There is another advantage: our parquet has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Most of our products are treated with natural oil or coated with lacquer. The innovative B-Protect® treatment combines the natural look of oiled parquet with the advantages of traditional lacquering.


Natural oiled parquet: appealing to the senses, natural, easy-to-repair

With natural oiled parquet, the wood is treated with an oxidative drying natural oil. If applied multiple times, the oil penetrates deep into the pores of the wood. Once the pores are filled with oil, they seal up. This results in deep oil impregnation, which effectively protects the wood and, at the same time, preserves its natural character. The matte look and authentic feel of this treatment appeal to all senses and create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the entire room. The highly durable, breathable surface accentuates the natural appearance of the wood and is very easy to repair. This treatment also optimises the anti-slip features of the floor, thus reducing the likelihood of accidents during particularly energetic activities. While a natural oiled floor requires regular care, it is worth the effort thanks to its long-lasting service life.

Matte lacquered: practical, long-lasting, functional

Parquet is lacquered by applying five to seven very thin layers of lacquer onto the surface of the wood. The lacquer acts as a protective skin for the parquet. This proofing, film-forming surface treatment creates a silk-matte finish that emphasises the characteristic details of the wood and protects it against even the most intense use. A clear advantage of lacquered parquet is its complete protection against water and moisture. Also, lacquered parquet floor doesn't need any special care. This highly durable, extremely easy-to-care-for surface with resistance to soiling makes a natural floor fit for any living environment.



B-Protect®: natural surface and invisible protection

The innovative surface treatment B-Protect® by Bauwerk Parkett sets a new standard in parquet lacquering: Visually, the B-Protect® surface hardly differs from natural, untreated wood; functionally, it offers all the advantages of a classic lacquer coating. This way, the parquet gets optimum protection, retains its natural radiance and feel, and becomes particularly durable and easy to care for. Another advantage of this treatment is minimal discolouration of the wood even with prolonged exposure to light.


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