Formpark Mini

Endless creativity on small surfaces

The Formpark Mini format offers countless options for creatively laying parquet on smaller surfaces.

The Formpark Mini format offers countless options for creatively laying parquet on smaller surfaces.

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Design by Hürlemann AG

Design by Hürlemann AG

Together with Hürlemann AG, Bauwerk is continuing the Formpark success story – this time in a smaller format. Formpark Mini encourages architectural creativity and individual design on smaller surfaces – at a very attractive price. Formpark Mini and its big brother share the fascinating, unconventional look created by individual installation and lighting that the parquet adds to any room.


Select a laying pattern from the examples and calculate the required amount of parquet for your individual room area. You can also download the installation data sheet.

Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4
Pattern 5
Pattern 6
Pattern 7
Pattern 8
Pattern 9
Pattern 10
Pattern 11
Pattern 12
Pattern 13
Pattern 14
Pattern 15
Pattern 16
Pattern 17
Pattern 18
Pattern 19
Pattern 20
Pattern 21
Pattern 22
Pattern 23
Pattern 24
Pattern 25
Pattern 26

Seamless transition of patterns

Bauwerk Parquet has installed three different Formpark floors in an apartment on the 16th floor of the residential tower, in collaboration with the Hannes Wettstein studio. The interaction of the patterns and lighting effects enhances the character of each room. Thanks to the diversity of Formpark, fascinating transitions can be created from one type of floor to the next.

Formpark 520 & 780, Oak 14 in Patterns 1, 8 and 26

Testimonials for Formpark Mini

Every floor by Bauwerk creates a unique room experience. Draw inspiration from wonderful examples of Formpark Mini parquet:

EMPA: Project «Nest»

EMPA: Project «Nest»

Unconventional spirit of research

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Single Family House in Tuor

Single Family House in Tuor

A house in Disentis, built in the 1970s, offered exciting potential for remodelling. Previously, this building—designed by the local architect Rico von Castelberg, a student of Rudolf Olgiati— had various rooms occupied by a veterinary clinic on the top floor.

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