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Bauwerk parquet fills your home with life and nature, warmth and security for a personal sense of well-being and comfort within the four walls of your home.

Nowadays we long for real things, for a piece of real nature. We want real materials that we can touch, feel and experience with all our senses. We want to consciously perceive and enjoy our living space and the objects that surround us. Nature and its products help us to find and maintain our inner balance. This also applies to parquet flooring made from real wood that offers a unique tactile sensation.

As the largest 'piece of furniture' in terms of surface area, a wooden floor fills your home life with warmth and ensures a sense of well-being in every room. As a healthy, sustainable, quality product, parquet gives us a sense of certainty that we've made the right choices for ourselves, our loved ones and the environment in the long term. As a pioneer, Bauwerk underscores healthy living with systematic checks by independent third parties, such as the eco-institute the Sentinel Haus Institute, and certificates and standards, such as the FSC label and the demanding Cradle to Cradle™ certificate. This means that the products are natural and manufactured in an eco-friendly way, and that they can be recycled once their service life is over.

Parquet from Bauwerk gives us a perfectly balanced, everyday living atmosphere and a naturally healthy room climate for sensual perception, for intense sensations, for positive inspiration and for new energy.

Bauwerk design is a thoughtful design. Bauwerk creates products that are aesthetically pleasing and always convincingly functional.

For us at Bauwerk, design means boundless beauty combined with intelligent function. Countless aspects are already taken into consideration before the first draft of any design. Our designers thoroughly explore the possibilities of wood and the wishes of our customers. And all this long before the first prototype becomes a reality and a new floor finds its place in your home.

Thanks to our flair for aesthetics and a pronounced sense of intelligent functionality, the designers at Bauwerk Parquet accentuate the unrivalled features of authentic wood again and again. Colours and surfaces combine with technical innovation and enable new design options for different needs - high-quality and timelessly beautiful.

Thoughtful design anticipates the function, the use and also the lifespan of an object. According to the principle of 'Form follows function', everything produced from Bauwerk is simple, intuitive and sensible. This is how we fulfil our customers' wishes and ensure at the same time that the wood is used in a conscious, sustainable manner.

Bauwerk Parquet lives the Swiss passion for precision and makes it tangible for our customers in every product.

Our commitment to Swiss tradition goes back to the founding of the company in the 1940s. To this day, the name Bauwerk stands for precision, reliability, high quality and naturalness. It is the result of a long history of hard work, utmost care, a pronounced love for wood and a unique understanding of quality. Passion, care and traditional Swiss precision have always guided our thinking and acting. This precision is a central pillar of the trust our customers have in us.

We live Swiss precision. Our employees are passionate about creating unique parquet floors from the beautiful material that is wood. This attitude should shape the entire experience for our customers and inspire them through the Bauwerk brand. From the product and its processing to professional advice and the right care product: everything fits together in perfect coordination. This is how our floors become your reliable lifetime companion.

Bauwerk Parquet develops innovative parquet solutions and uses technologies to share real added value with our customers.

Innovative strength is deeply anchored in the company's DNA of Bauwerk Parquet. We have been researching, developing and designing with unwavering dedication since the 1940s. New processes and technologies help us to further strengthen the versatility of wood as a material in a way that is tangible and usable for our customers. Bauwerk's solid parquet has taken the world by storm, and after the invention of 2-layer parquet, Bauwerk continues to set new standards with innovative, creative solutions, such as Formpark.

To us, innovation means much more than just a new or improved product. It is an attitude that shapes our way of thinking and acting. To us, innovation also means that our customers can see a virtual visualisation of their homes featuring various parquet floors. Or we can provide them with suitable solutions for maintaining or renovating wooden floors. As a pioneer for sustainability and ecology in the industry, Bauwerk Parquet has continuously improved parquet solutions. Bauwerk was the first company worldwide to start certified production based on the 'Cradle to Cradle™' principle.

Innovative parquet solutions - we are constantly driven to make your life both easier and more beautiful with our wooden floors. Our passion drives us every day, again and again.

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