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The colour of parquet 

From dark to light: discover the spectrum of colours brought by wood 

From dark to light: discover the spectrum of colours brought by wood 

For those interested in parquet, there is a huge selection of colours to choose from. Light, dark, contemporary grey, used-look, natural: you can find the right parquet to match your style, interiors and even the lighting in your living space.

The pigmentation of natural oil and lacquer provides very natural colours. Bauwerk Parkett diversely uses these options, and obviously, we follow current interior design trends when determining the colours.

From natural to smoked oak: wood treatments and colours

The colour of a parquet floor is determined by many factors. The original wood colour is the foundation for this. From there, various techniques can be used to customise the colour – or to leave it as is.


Priming parquet

Whenever you treat wood with natural oil or lacquer, the resulting parquet appears darker. In professional language, this is referred to as ‘priming the parquet’.

The colour of the parquet can also be affected by sunlight. Over time, UV radiation can cause the wood to go darker, lighter, or to change its hue.

If the intention is to keep the parquet as natural-looking as possible, our B-Protect® lacquer treatment offers a unique feature: in addition to its natural matte look, this treatment brings all the advantages of traditional lacquering. However, it does not change the colour of the parquet and prevents discolouration caused by UV radiation. The look of the parquet will remain very close to that of untreated wood for a long time. 

Colour changing wood treatments

Smoked: naturally dark oak parquet with sun protection

Oakwood can be smoked to give it a darker tone: Smoked oak parquet is a popular, more eco-friendly alternative to dark tropical woods. There is another advantage to smoking: over time, even treated wood can discolour (go darker or lighter), and smoking can counteract that. Smoked wood has a little propensity for changing colour, and in the case of smoked oak, direct sunlight only makes it a little lighter and more golden-coloured.

 Smoking involves a chemical acid/alkali reaction in which the acid in the wood reacts to the alkali in ammonium chloride. This process is a long one: it takes two months for natural oak to become thoroughly smoked.

Bauwerk Parkett has perfected the smoking process, 100% of which prioritises the aspect of healthy living. The dark colour of smoked Bauwerk parquet looks natural and is durable. It will endure, even if the parquet is eventually sanded.

Slightly smoked parquet: 
a lighter option

Slightly smoked products undergo the same procedure as their fully smoked counterparts. The only difference is its duration. This means that the wood does not change colour completely.

The colour spectrum for slightly smoked parquet ranges from beige to light-brown, and has a markedly natural look.

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