Parquet Know-how

Structures and Bevels

Wood is original, and every plank is unique. The art lies in emphasising this natural uniqueness.

Wood is original, and every plank is unique. The art lies in emphasising this natural uniqueness.

There are a few ways to refine the surface of parquet. Brushing creates a fine, tangible wooden structure in parquet, while bevels bring attention to each plank.

Surface structures: for parquet floors with a special feel and look

To give them structure, parquet planks are brushed in the direction of their fibres. This removes the soft parts of the wood, highlighting the unique grain. This is how every single plank of parquet gets its expressive character and shows subtle differences in the way it reflects light. The surface structure of the wood makes it pleasant to the touch and turns walking barefoot into a tactile experience. However, in addition to the unmistakable feel, brushing gives parquet another advantage: the natural surface structure can conceal soiling and minor damage, thus making the floor more robust.  

With Bauwerk Parkett, you can choose between slightly brushed, brushed and deep brushed parquet, depending on your preferences. If no surface structure is visible, you’re looking at a polished product.

Bevels: parquet planks with characteristic edges

A bevel is the taper of an edge, usually at an angle of 45° or 60°. Bevels accentuate the character of the planks, and can visually extend the room in the direction of the bevels.  

Because wood is a natural material that swells and shrinks depending on air humidity, small crevices between the planks can occur, especially during heating periods. With bevelled planks, this is less visible. They also present an advantage when it comes to installation, in that bevelled parquet is often somewhat easier and quicker to lay.

Parquet without bevels

Without bevels, the parquet floor appears to be a single object, making the room appear calmer and more extensive. In the case of floors with small elements, e.g. strip parquet, bevelled edges are often avoided, because they tend to create a busy look.

Parquet with bevels on two sides

Bevelling on two sides only includes the long sides of the plank, and not the short side, thus avoiding the visual interruption that bevels create there. This feature emphasises the entire row of planks, creating an impression that the planks run across the entire room.

Parquet with bevels on four sides

Having bevels on four sides of the plank creates a three-dimensional effect with each plank brought to the foreground. The longitudinal and transversal bevels also protect the edges from wear: they make the parquet less sensitive to impacts.

Used Look

Parquet that tells a story 

Every used look floor tells its very own story and adds a special warm feeling to a room. Worn edges and a beautiful patina characterise these trend products, and the individual signs of use make the floors more attractive over time. These factors also make the used look parquet very easy to treat and look after.

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