Projects already realised

Thank you for all your submissions.
The first projects, which were supported by our Christmas campaign "Parquet magic", have already been realised:

Pfadihütte Beckenried, Switzerland

In the Pfadihütte of Pfadi Isenringen Beckenried, about 80 square metres of Triopark oak granite were installed with the energetic support of both big and small helpers. The Pfadi is as happy as Bauwerk - a really successful project! Take a look at the enthusiastic participants below in the photo gallery.

Hubertusburg Castle, Wermsdorf (DE)

BauwerkParquet gives the castle a new charm.

Four days, 21 parquet installers, 12,000 wooden parts over 120 square metres - the result was celebrated as a work of art. The craftsmen worked hard for four days installing the new parquet in the rear wing of Hubertusburg Castle in Wermsdorf. As a special eye-catcher, the floor professionals created a picture of the Heinrichsorden, which was first given to Hubertusburg Castle in 1736. Alexander the Prince of Saxony, who has been the chairman of the order since 2010, raved about the "a monumental work" that was achieved here. Visit the photo gallery for the highlights.

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