How it works.

Anybody can help conjure some Bauwerk Parquet into a great project. Aside from the usual contact details (name of the institution, contact person, address, email address and telephone number), we also require the dimensions of the required parquet floor as well as a convincing project outline.

Projects already realised

Thank you for all your submissions
The first projects, which were supported by our Christmas campaign "Parquet magic", have already been realised:

Social project “La Masseria di Cornaredo” in Lugano-Porza (CH)

2023 Parquet Magic Winner
Brother Martino Dotta is well-known in the Swiss Canton of Ticino for his commitment to those less fortunate and for doing as much as he can to create a support network for people in need. His passionate efforts led to a modern community centre being created in a deeply historic building. We supported this project as part of our Parquet Magic 2023 campaign. With a donation of 150 square metres of Monopark Oak Crema and 180 square metres of on-edge oak solid parquet, we helped to usher in a new chapter in the history of La Masseria di Cornaredo.

"It was an honour for us to support the Francesco Foundation. It is such an important task to encourage the creation of spaces for social integration and to offer people direct humanitarian support."

Marcel Scheidegger, Sales Manager for Ticino at Bauwerk Group

Renovation at a social education residential community in Bruck an der Leitha (Austria)

2022 Parquet Magic Winner
The social education residential community founded by the Pro Juventute Österreich organisation in Bruck an der Leitha (Austria) in 2011 provides care to nine children and teenagers, from three to full legal age. Now, its building has undergone an expansion and renovation in order to provide more private space to the young residents and to rearrange the communal space in a more efficient manner overall. We supported this effort by providing 380 m² of parquet, as a sustainable way to improve the children’s living conditions and their quality of life.

«The renovation of the Bruck an der Leitha facility has been one of the most cost-intensive in our history. We have been blessed with the support of countless partners and sponsors without which we would have not been able to continuously improve and expand the services we provide to the children and teenagers.»

Susanne Molnar, Managing Director of Pro Juventute

Victims of the floods, Ahrtal (Germany)

The Winners of Parquet Magic 2021
The lives of countless people in Ahrtal changed in just a few hours in mid-July 2021. Even a year later, you can still see and feel the results of the devastating flood. As a contribution to the reconstruction, Bauwerk Parquet donated a total of 150 square metres of real wood flooring for houses in great need of renovation.

The stories of these people are like those of Nadja and her eleven-year-old son Stefan who in the night of 14 and 15 July 2021 were surprised by huge masses of water. In their house, water stood three metres high, completely flooding the basement and the ground floor. "From that point, water destroyed or snatched away all of our furniture, the kitchen, the washing machine, the drier in the basement, all our valuable memories," Nadja explained, expressing her deep gratitude for the generous support she had received since the disaster. 

Stiftung Waldheim, Appenzell (Switzerland)

The Winners of Parquet Magic 2020
The Waldheim Foundation provides a home to people with mental and physical disabilities. In spring 2021, a 180 m2 hall at the Bellevue home was equipped with parquet, immediately creating an even cosier and more comfortable mood inside. Some of the residents provided active assistance in installing the new parquet.

"As you can see, the residents are extremely happy. This hall is the place where countless social activities take place throughout the year: there’s music, dancing, painting, building, celebrating, learning; simply put, it’s a magnet for life. And the new floor will bring even more fun. So, we’d like to express our enormous thanks to Bauwerk Parkett for this wonderful initiative."

Christian Petrollini
Communications & Marketing, Waldheim Foundation

Youth Residential Home Tartaruga by 
Pro Juventute, Salzburg (Austria)

Social enterprise in child and youth welfare 
In 2020, the renovation of the Tartaruga Salzburg residential community was supported with a donation of 400 m² of parquet flooring including skirting boards from Bauwerk Parkett, which will not only withstand the wear and tear, but above all bring another piece of comfort into the house. Children and adolescents have been cared for in the Pro Juventute house in Bergheimer Street since 1968. Since 1995, the facility has been run as a residential youth community for eight adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18. The extensive renovation project will improve the daily routines and the quality of living in the house.

Link to Video

Pfadihütte Beckenried (Switzerland)

In the Pfadihütte of Pfadi Isenringen Beckenried, about 80 square metres of Triopark oak granite were installed with the energetic support of both big and small helpers. The Pfadi is as happy as Bauwerk – a really successful project! Take a look at the enthusiastic participants below in the photo gallery.

Hubertusburg Castle, Wermsdorf (Germany)

BauwerkParquet gives the castle a new charm
Four days, 21 parquet installers, 12,000 wooden parts over 120 square metres – the result was celebrated as a work of art. The craftsmen worked hard for four days installing the new parquet in the rear wing of Hubertusburg Castle in Wermsdorf. As a special eye-catcher, the floor professionals created a picture of the Heinrichsorden, which was first given to Hubertusburg Castle in 1736. Alexander the Prince of Saxony, who has been the chairman of the order since 2010, raved about the "a monumental work" that was achieved here. Visit the photo gallery for the highlights.

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