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7 Reasons for parquet: advantages and properties of real-wood floors

Parquet made out of authentic wood is sustainable, long-lasting and easy to care for, and fosters a warm, natural atmosphere in the room.

Parquet made out of authentic wood is sustainable, long-lasting and easy to care for, and fosters a warm, natural atmosphere in the room.

Parquet has many attractive features: it is resilient, easy to care for and durable. An authentic-wood parquet creates an atmosphere of comfort in any room, and lets you enjoy a true piece of nature under your feet every day. According to a 2018 European Consumer Research study, natural-wood floors are seen as particularly elegant, authentic and high-quality. Because of this, in Europe, parquet is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to deciding what flooring to buy. So it comes as no surprise that millions of square metres of Bauwerk’s parquet are laid every year. In addition to its noble look, unique feel and high durability, parquet impresses with its eco-friendliness, sustainability and its healthy character in living spaces.

1. Real-wood parquet: long-lasting and durable

With regular care, wooden floors are extremely durable and exhibit impressive longevity. Different surface treatments, such as oil, lacquer or Bauwerk’s innovative B-Protect® surface treatment protect the wood from moisture, dirt and scratches. Nevertheless, life tends to leave its trace on everything, and parquet is no exception. Real-wood floors can be easily sanded down to restore the freshness of their look. There’s another advantage still: if you don’t like your old parquet anymore, you can give it a completely new appearance, even after decades of use.

2. Warm, natural atmosphere of well-being in every room

Real-wood parquet exudes pleasant warmth, and even the smell of the wood brings back memories of time spent relaxing in nature. However, wood does not just create a cosy feeling: it has cost-saving thermal properties. In combination with its unique feel, walking barefoot will become another source of joy in winter. For really cold days, parquet can also be perfect for underfloor heating(depending on its structure).

3. Parquet’s noise-absorbing properties

If correctly installed and glued-down, parquet has noise-absorbing properties, softening the sound of floor impacts in the surrounding rooms, and thus increasing its owners' quality of life. With the Silente technology, Bauwerk parquet floors use an innovative system solution that contributes to reducing the level of footstep and impact noise.

4. Parquet: easy to care for and hygienic

With the right surface treatment, parquet is very resistant to wear and simple when it comes to maintenance, regardless of your living situation. Comprehensive protection of the wood, particularly using the B-Protect® surface treatment by Bauwerk prevents dirt and dust from accumulating in the spaces between the planks. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of parquet are an additional advantage for those suffering from allergies, pet owners, and parents of adventurous children.

5. Raw materials guaranteed to be healthy for living

Bauwerk parquet only uses products that do not harm health. In addition to the wood, other materials, such as adhesives, lacquers and oils, are used. A floor that does not contain any harmful substances is guaranteed to make a valuable contribution to indoor spaces that are beneficial and healthy for living. Since 2010, Bauwerk has been consistently testing its products in conjunction with Sentinel Haus Institut.

6.Parquet is sustainable and eco-friendly

Timber is a natural, renewable raw material. The trees used by Bauwerk parquet are only felled if they would soon die in the forest anyway. As parquet, these trees get a second life, in your home. There is new life in the forest, too: every felled tree is replaced with a new one. Furthermore, Bauwerk Parkett plans its supply routes to be as short as possible. 96% of the wood Bauwerk uses (oak, beech, etc.) comes from Europe, and only 3% comes from overseas (walnut, maple). The rest is supplied directly from Switzerland.

7. Wooden floors, timelessly beautiful

Wooden floors have been installed for hundreds of years without going out of fashion. Parquet is a timeless, enduring classic for any room. The woodit is made of can survive for hundreds of years without ever losing its unique character and natural elegance. With a real-wood parquet floor, you bring a piece of eternal nature into your home, perfecting the atmosphere of well-being within it. 

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