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Parquet and pets

This is how you keep pets and wooden floors on good terms.

This is how you keep pets and wooden floors on good terms.

Be it a dog or a cat: pets bring warmth, happiness and comfort to our homes. Happy coexistence and meeting pets' special needs mean setting additional requirements on the parquet.

Animals leave tracks on parquet too

A real-wood floor, on which pets chase each other, or sprint excitedly towards the door whenever a guest rings the bell, must be durable. This is certainly true for the high-quality parquet floors by Bauwerk. Playing, cuddling and frolicking can leave visible traces of all the fun. These make wooden floors into an inimitably unique object: there is a story behind every scratch. And when the time comes for new memories, the parquet floor by Bauwerk can be very easily sanded, giving it a new shine.

In addition to durability, with pets, it is also important that the floor provides a firm ground for their paws. Unlike laminate, oiled wooden floors are not slippery, and thus reduce the risk of injuries for the pet, and their owners.

Cat lying on a Bauwerk parquet floor
Dog standing on a Bauwerk parquet floor.

Easy care and top protection

A tipped-over food bowl, or an unexpected puddle in the living room: The little mishaps of everyday life are sometimes unavoidable with our beloved pets, and thanks to Bauwerk’s surface treatments they are easily mopped up and wiped off. Special techniques are used to provide parquet with secure protection and make it easy to care for. However, you should pay particular attention to joints when cleaning your parquet, because this is where particles of dirt tend to accumulate.

How to best care for and clean Bauwerk parquet depends on its surface treatment. But regardless of what option you choose for yourself and your furry pet: cleaning and caring for parquet will be uncomplicated and extremely easy. And when your furry friends moult, this can be managed in a largely stress-free way, especially in comparison to homes with carpet flooring.

Cat being stroked lying on a Bauwerk parquet floor.
Dog lying on a Bauwerk parquet floor.

Healthy for living, and good for your pets too

If you choose a parquet floor by Bauwerk, in addition to the many advantages for cats and dogs, you get a unique guarantee: Bauwerk’s products do not have any negative health effects. On the contrary, Bauwerk stands for creating a pleasant, healthy living space: an important factor for both people and animals.

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Testimonials for Parquet and pets

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