To create a sense of spaciousness in the room

Thanks to their length, one-strip-planks impressively emphasise the spaciousness of a room. They accentuate the unique features of wood and its fascinating natural character.


Inspired by Nature

A play on natural diagonals and a metamorphosis of forest to parquet: the concept of Spinpark is down-to-earth and simple. On the other hand, the close interconnection of nature and the craft of laying parquet, paired with a new cutting technique, brings out a completely new space for creativity in flooring.


Novel laying patterns

The genius behind Formpark lies in its simplicity. All kinds of different patterns appear depending on the installation and the incidence of light – from calm to lively, from classic to avant-garde. Transitions flowing from one pattern to another can also emerge. Our living space can be designed with even greater individuality using Formpark.

Longplank Parquet

Suited to rooms of all sizes

The great diversity of colours, surfaces and structures makes long-plank parquets an ideal choice for a broad range of different room conditions. A range of trend products and ingenious special versions offer even more customisation.

Strip Parquet

The traditional parquet classic 

With its large variety of colours, surfaces and types of wood, Bauwerk’s strip parquet range offers maximum flexibility for impressive room styles, from traditional to modern. And all that high quality comes at a compelling price.

Multi-Strip Parquet

Parquet elements for a shipdeck look

The practical multi-strip floor that's reminiscent of a ship's deck guarantees quick installation and offers many options for room customisation thanks to the large variety of wood types.

Solid Parquet

For a timeless industrial look

The history of Bauwerk Parkett began in 1935 with the invention of building-block or mosaic parquet. Its timeless industrial look also comes with high durability and extreme longevity.

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