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Parquet and children

Perfectly equipped for active everyday life: what to bear in mind when mixing children and parquet.

Perfectly equipped for active everyday life: what to bear in mind when mixing children and parquet.

Playing, painting, building, running around: living with children leads to all sorts of exciting adventures. Little explorers want to try new things and explore their surroundings. Sometimes drops of paint end up on the floor and, on occasion, it gets a bit scratched when the children are running around. It is good to know beforehand that your parquet floor can be protected and cared for.

Easy care and top protection

Depending on the type of wood and the surface treatment, parquet can be somewhat more sensitive than other types of flooring. However, thanks to its special surface treatment, parquet by Bauwerk is very robust and durable, and offers the best protection against signs of everyday use.

From a glass of orange juice to a bowl of vegetable soup: the small mishaps of everyday life can be easily wiped away, without having to worry about any permanent discolouration. However, attention should be paid to joints: particles of dirt tend to accumulate deeper in these areas.

How Bauwerk parquet is cared for and cleaned depends on the respective surface treatment. But no matter which option you choose, the task is generally easy and uncomplicated. With these tips, you can effortlessly remove the most common signs of wear, or even avoid them altogether:

  • Pay attention to the ways to protect the parquet’s surface: oiling or lacquering the parquet serves to proof and protect the wood from wear and dirt. If the parquet is properly cared for in this fashion, stains will not penetrate the wood and will instead remain on the surface. But be careful: to prevent the wood from swelling or becoming discoloured, do not use too much water when cleaning.
  • Use soft felt gliders on the legs of chairs and tables. They are available in self-adhesive and fixed variants, and in different sizes and colours. With such protective padding, you can largely avoid unseemly scratches and dents from moving chairs around.
  • A floor mat under your workbench can protect the parquet from sprays of paint and other craft-related mishaps. Our tip: a transparent mat provides effective protection without concealing the characteristic grain of the wood.
  • A playmat for children offers even more protection. With this, children can romp around as much as they like, without damaging the floor. Its biggest advantage is that, if you don’t need the mat, you can quickly remove it.

If you are looking for suitable care products, you can find an extensive variety of them in one of our worlds of parquetshowrooms, or in our online shop.

Child driving a bobby car on the wooden floor.

Healthy living – for the entire family

Wooden floors have a positive effect on the room atmosphere, benefitting the entire family, including children. Anyone who chooses a parquet floor from Bauwerk receives our unique guarantee: Bauwerk’s products do not have any negative health effects. On the contrary, Bauwerk stands for a pleasant, healthy living space: an important factor for both parents and children. Benefiting from modern Silentetechnology, Bauwerk has created an innovative system solution that reduces intrusive sounds. The special bonding technique considerably reduces the noise produced by walking and impacts: perfect for lively family life.

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  • Pay attention to the ways to protect the surface of parquet
  • Use felt gliders on the legs of chairs and tables
  • Place a protective mat under your workbench to keep paint spatters away from the floor
  • A playmat for children offers maximum protection for the floor
Woman playfully lifts a child in the air.

Testimonials for Parquet and Children

Every floor by Bauwerk creates a unique room experience. Draw inspiration from wonderful examples of parquet:

Single Family House in Villach

Single Family House in Villach

A family of four has seen their dream home come true in Villach in Kärnten. The new building was planned and realised by Hermann Dorn and his architectural firm Trecolore.

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Single Family House in Ebnat-Kappel

Single Family House in Ebnat-Kappel

Living in a place previously used for prayer. The Grüter family fulfilled the vision they had for their own home in 2013 when they purchased the church building in St. Galler Rheintal (Switzerland). Before they moved in, they renovated the facade and the windows. A couple of years later, they started their next big renovation project, in which both the kitchen and the floors of the open dining/living area were replaced.

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Krabbelstube Park

Krabbelstube Park

Unconventional spirit of research

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