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how to renovate your home with parquet

Parquet made of real wood offers many advantages when renovating living spaces, and imbues them with a unique, natural atmosphere.

Parquet made of real wood offers many advantages when renovating living spaces, and imbues them with a unique, natural atmosphere.

A coat of lively-coloured paint, modern furniture and a new floor can add a new sheen even to the spaces you have lived in for years. Real-wood flooring creates a warm atmosphere of well-being. Thanks to its many positive features, it will quickly rise to the top of your flooring wishlist. In the context of renovation, parquet impresses with its unique feel and versatile look, in addition to its advantages in terms of installation.


Room picture: Bauwerk 1-strip-plank Unicopark Oak Fulvo Handcrafted Rustic parquet floor
Room picture: Bauwerk long-plank Cleverpark Oak Avorio Lively parquet

Renovating living spaces with parquet

When renovating your flat or house, parquet is the perfect replacement for its current flooring, because real-wood floors are robust, easy to care for, and have a long service life. 2-layer parquet can be installed directly on top of the flooring already in place. Thanks to this parquet's slim profile, no valuable room height is lost. However, depending on the base, floating parquet may also be a reasonable option: it involves only joining the individual elements of the parquet together, and not bonding them to the base.

Laying parquet right

Every renovation project has its own challenges, which depend on the specific different circumstances of every room. Parquet always delivers a clean solution, regardless of the initial situation. For example, a specialist can easily install parquet after removing old carpet flooring and treating its base appropriately. With stone and slab floors, if such pre-requisites as flatness and appropriate treatment of the surface are met, parquet can be laid straight onto the flooring, removing the arduous task of removing it. A similar approach also works with old strip floors.

In general, with correct preparation of the base, installing parquet directly onto it is problem-free. Ideally, you should consult a floor installer first; these people are experts, and will be happy to assist you with helpful advice.  

Renovating parquet

If your home has had parquet flooring for some time and you want to change its look, real-wood floors have a unique advantage: if you sand off the top layer, then treat the surface with oil or lacquer, you can change the parquet’s colour nuances. Colour treatments can also offer new design options for your parquet. Over time, wood naturally changes its colour and sunlight can speed this process up. Parquet lends itself well to refurbishment, even with undesirable discoloration and the traces everyday life leaves on it.

Inspiring parquet trends for your renovation project 

There are many wonderful options for redesigning or touching up somewhat outdated living spaces, options that can underscore your individual style. Used-Look, colour blocking, the use of grey and modern laying patterns are some of the latest trends in parquet and interior design. With Bauwerk’s True Colours Edition, an innovative process resulted in five unique colours that create a balanced interplay between nature and modern design in your home.

Room picture: Bauwerk Formpark Mini Oak Avorio parquet

Testimonials for Renovations with Parquet

Every floor by Bauwerk creates a unique room experience. Draw inspiration from wonderful examples of parquet:



Protected historical buildings must be treated with a lot of sensitivity and respect: the history and the location both play a decisive role. Architects from the Coast office accepted this challenge. Looking for new premises for their Stuttgart office, Zlatko Antolovic and Alexander Wendlik found a 17th-century barn in Waiblingen that had been empty for years.

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Arcaden Landquart

Arcaden Landquart

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The renowned real estate company RALF SCHMITZ GmbH & Co. KG a.A. realised an extremely elegant luxury property inspired by the flair of exquisite Parisian boulevards on Eisenzahnstrasse, just a stone's throw away from Kurfürstendamm.

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