Parquet Know-how

Laying Style

Scope for individual designs with laying patterns.

Scope for individual designs with laying patterns.






Ladder pattern

Shipdeck flooring or maybe herringbone

The laying style refers to the direction and pattern in which the parquet is installed in the room. The most widely used laying style is the "shipdeck", where the planks are laid lengthwise next to each other. But pattern installations are also on the rise: traditional patterns such as "herringbone", the "ladder pattern" or the symmetrical "English installation" are being requested more and more.

Once you have decided on a laying pattern, the next question to be answered is whether the parquet should be installed lengthwise or crosswise to the room. In this instance it is generally advisable to follow the direction of the light.

Formpark: Maximum design freedom

Seamless transition of patterns

Bauwerk Parquet has installed three different Formpark floors in an apartment on the 16th floor of a residential tower, in collaboration with the Hannes Wettstein studio. The interaction of the patterns and lighting effects enhances the character of each room. Thanks to the diversity of Formpark, fascinating transitions can be created from one type of floor to the next.

Formpark 520 & 780, Oak 14 in Patterns 1, 8 and 26

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