«Symbiosis of people and nature»

The raw material wood is a perfect example of a natural cycle. At Bauwerk Parquet, our manufacturing processes take the ecological aspects of wood into account: the use of wood from a controlled origin, the optimum use of the existing raw material and the careful use of natural resources. With the motto of "Symbiosis of man and nature", Bauwerk is committed to improvements in environmental responsibility, healthy living and social ethics. With Bauwerk, you have a partner who goes far beyond the minimum legal requirements in these areas and places special emphasis on the wellbeing of man and nature at every stage of the supply chain.

Tested according to the highest standards and strictest specifications

When you choose Bauwerk products, you get sustainable, 100 per cent healthy living products that have been tested according to the highest standards, fulfil the strictest specifications and are suitable for sustainable building standards.

Cradle-to-Cradle® is an innovative, positive and integral approach to sustainability. The goal is not based on reduction, but to reuse raw materials as unconditionally as possible. The motto: waste should feed other material cycles. Five main criteria are checked for the certification: pure raw materials, recycling potential, energy consumption, water management and working conditions. Bauwerk was awarded the Gold certificate for all Silente products and the Bronze certificate for all other Swiss products.

Eco-products for Minergie and Minergie-Eco In order to help build Minergie-Eco buildings, the eco-bau association created the Eco-Products Directory and examines building products based on the Eco-Devis methodology and the exclusion criteria of Minergie-Eco. Bauwerk's products have been evaluated according to these criteria and can be found in the Eco product list at www.eco-bau.ch.

SNBS - Swiss Sustainable Building Standard With SNBS 2.0 Civil Engineering, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has created a standard based on the Minergie / Minergie-Eco topics and takes into account other sustainable building standards such as LEED, DGNB or BREEAM. Bauwerk products have been evaluated according to various standards, and their suitability for the Swiss Sustainable Building Standard has been granted in principle.

Sentinel Haus Certification Bauwerk Parquet is the only parquet manufacturer to partner with the Sentinel Haus concept. The Sentinel Haus Institut (SHI) in Freiburg (D) is one of the leading institutes for healthy building and living.

LEED Green Building Credit Points The LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, criteria-based standard that recognises buildings that provide a "healthy" environment, are water and energy efficient, and comply with very high environmental standards. Structural products (parquet, construction site seals, parquet glue) can contribute to the number of points earned with the LEED certification (United Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Eco-Institut Label The eco-Institut tests and evaluates low-pollutant and low-emission products and awards them the eco-Institut label. The test criteria extend far beyond existing legal requirements. The certified products or their components must be toxicologically safe and as environmentally friendly as possible.

ISO Certification14001 The ISO certification 14001 stands for the highest safety regulations and exemplary environmental performance.

FSC® Certification FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an internationally recognised, credible indicator that the wood is sourced from responsible forestry. Products with FSC labels ensure the use of forests according to the social, economic and ecological needs of current and future generations. In addition, the label ensures that the product is not mixed with non-certified, i.e. not controlled, wood on its way to the consumer throughout the entire processing and trading chain. All products can be manufactured according to the FSC on request.

Sustainability Report Bauwerk Boen Group

The Bauwerk Boen Group has published its first group-wide sustainability report, which was prepared in accordance with the International Reporting Standard (GRI) and shows our aspirations in all major sustainability issues in the industry.

Bauwerk quality stands for the highest standards and is based on the four pillars of Development, Production, Services and Installation. Using this system, we guarantee top quality at every stage of the production process – and far beyond.
Bauwerk, the company with a long tradition, has been manufacturing parquet for the most exacting demands with great care, precision and passion since 1935. Bauwerk is proud of its origins, but also focuses on innovation.
With the predicate of "Healthy Living", Bauwerk makes an important contribution to a better quality of life. Because the deliberate decision of only using materials that promote healthy living contributes significantly to one's personal well-being indoors.