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Restaurant Waldesruh di Daniele

Fresh, seasonal products, simply and lovingly prepared the Italian way. This is the Waldesruh restaurant’s philosophy.

Fresh, seasonal products, simply and lovingly prepared the Italian way. This is the Waldesruh restaurant’s philosophy.

The handwritten menu at the Waldesruh da Daniele restaurant, as it is now known, is barely legible. But that doesn’t matter: Whatever dish is placed before you is guaranteed to be delicious. Even exquisite. Behind the name tag “da Daniele” of the establishment is the restaurateur Daniele Pagliei from Rome. When the sun shines and the weather is fine, the best place to while away the time is under the large beech tree in the garden, otherwise you can make yourself comfortable at the nicely positioned tables inside in a unique setting and enjoy lovingly prepared Italian specialities. 

The Waldesruh establishment used to always be the number one address in Uitikon-Waldegg and an attraction not just for the locals. That is why it was not just simply renovated, it was made into a fantastic example of what the coloured parquet from the “Vintage Editon” line could do in bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern. Together with Virginia Maissen, Interior Designer at the renowned creative Studio Gustave in Zurich, Bauwerk literally took the floor with this parquet – in the truest sense of the word. Visibly old and used, very fashionable, yet modern and new. The desire to have something special led to the choice of oak parquet flooring in the colour “Green Intense”, matt lacquered. The planning of the interior followed less of a green question of faith and more of the design aspects. Not one piece of wood in this venue is the same as another. Every day and every guest leaves their trace on the surface and every scratch represents a memory – everything tells it own story. The grain of the oak with its particular interplay of colours shapes the entire dining area, expresses comfort and its unique patina lends it a new character. 

The challenge in this exciting project was to preserve essential components of the historical building, but still create a contemporary transition at the same time. Particular focus was given to procuring the most natural and authentic materials as possible that would give the dining area a grand sense of space and a discreet edge of sophistication.

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