Used-Look products tell a story and add warmth to a room. The worn edges and beautiful patina are characteristic of these trend products. The visual effect of these floors stems from the traces of use left behind, which make them more beautiful over time. As a result, Used-Look products are very easy to look after and particularly simple to maintain.

The structure of the wood can be clearly seen through the patina and gives it its very own charm, which draws you in and stirs up dreams of bygone times. It is precisely because of their "used" appearance that these floors are the perfect partners for a modern furnishing style with personality.

All Used Look surfaces are naturally oiled.


Casapark Used-Look surfaces are made thanks to an elaborate process, developing their unmistakable character in an enormous bath. The planks are thoroughly washed with pyramid-shaped stones, similarly to the production of faded jeans. Then, the planks undergo special processing with mordants, creating unique traces of patina and use.