This varied grading has few knots, bringing the natural beauty and structure of natural oak with its fascinating interplay of colours. The barely-visible B-Protect® lacquering highlights the natural tactile sensation of the wood. Its colour overtones are simple, but the vivid colour nuances and distinctiveness of the wood make it possible for Villapark Crema one-strip planks to create a natural atmosphere that subtly accentuates the room’s ambience. These large dimensions have an extremely easy-to-care-for surface, and an attractive price, opening doors to many spaces with all kinds of interiors.  

A palpable piece of nature                                                                                                
All Villapark planks are bevelled on the long side, which accentuates their considerable size (2100 x 190 mm) even further. The characteristic brushing offers a sensuous experience when walking on this floor barefoot. Villapark uses HDF technology with a resource-saving top layer of 2.5 mm. With full-surface bonding, the planks ensure whisper-quiet walking, and optimum energy consumption for underfloor heating. All Villapark products have been tested by independent institutions and are 100% guaranteed healthy-for-living.

Villapark Oak Crema 25 fits perfectly in both a farmhouse and in modern interiors. The combination with concrete was particularly successful here. The parquet adds a warm touch to the rather cool interiors.

Alex Rawlinson

Interview with Alex Rawlinson

Alex Rawlinson has been a successful stylist for 30 years, guiding the photo shoots by the design unit. She is indispensable for Bauwerk’s photo shoots. With great intuition and appropriate design objects, she makes sure that Bauwerk’s products match their environment perfectly. These pictures are the result of a Bauwerk photo shoot in Balgach, which Alex Rawlinson successfully lead. We had a chat with her and asked why this is so special to her.

What makes your work with parquet so exciting?                                                          
Bauwerk is an innovative company full of creative people who always have their finger on the pulse and keep up with current trends. It is particularly fun to work for a recognisable brand, making a natural and at the same time high-end designer product. These elegant, natural products are diligently designed for various types of living and working environments in many styles. Combining the essence of these products with new spaces and capturing all the details of their message in a single image is an enjoyable task. I am happy to contribute to creating this visual language, which is unique and unmistakable for this brand and its products.

What do you particularly enjoy about the Villapark Oak Crema 25 product?               
I like the country-house feel that it radiates. It also goes well with various types of architecture and interior design styles. This Villapark product has a great deal of texture and colour depth. I mostly like the grain and knots in some of the more distinctive gradings. The product looks fantastic whatever you combine it with, whether featuring in classic or modern interiors. And it exudes warmth, inviting you to walk barefoot.

What interiors does this product pair well with?                                                             
Villapark Oak Crema 25 fits perfectly in both a farmhouse and in modern interiors. The combination with concrete was particularly successful here. The parquet adds a warm touch to the rather cool interiors. Villapark brings a lot of warmth into the modern interior of this flat. At the same time, the parquet floor creates harmony between the concrete and furniture.

Stairs are another of Bauwerk’s specialities. In this example, the stairs were built using the same parquet as the floor. What is so special about Bauwerk’s stairs?
I am continuously astonished by Bauwerk’s dedication to perfection, and by how quickly and efficiently complex elements, like stairs, can be prepared and installed on-site, thanks to Bauwerk’s ingenious large-format planks. A parquet floor that seamlessly merges and continues up the stairs creates a very impressive effect in the room. And everyone who has stood barefoot on a parquet by Bauwerk knows the experience; this unique and unmistakable feeling of pure wood under your feet.    
What parquet would you choose personally?
I would select the Formpark, although after the Villapark photo shoot, I’d say that Villapark is coming in a close second.

Bauwerk quality stands for the highest standards and is based on the four pillars of Development, Production, Services and Installation. Using this system, we guarantee top quality at every stage of the production process – and far beyond.
Bauwerk, the company with a long tradition, has been manufacturing parquet for the most exacting demands with great care, precision and passion since 1935. Bauwerk is proud of its origins, but also focuses on innovation.
With the predicate of "Healthy Living", Bauwerk makes an important contribution to a better quality of life. Because the deliberate decision of only using materials that promote healthy living contributes significantly to one's personal well-being indoors.