Cleaning and care
Natural oiled parquet

The natural oiled Bauwerk Parkett floors make an especially natural impression through their sealed and partially film-forming surfaces. With regular cleaning and care, the oiled surfaces of highly utilised parquet surfaces can retain their long-lasting protection and  optical appearance. 

Cleaning and care
Lacquered parquet

The lacquered Bauwerk floors in B-Protect®, lacquered or matt, are especially tough and long-lasting because of their coating layer. The sealant varnish is protected through regular cleaning and care, which prevents wear and tear while maintaining the optical impression of the lacquer surface.

cleaning devices

Bauwerk offers practical and easy to use cleaning tools for private households. The reasonably priced Bauwerk surface mop is well suited for cleaning parquet floors. For larger surfaces, a disk cleaner with a fine cleaning pad can be used.

Rosa offers even more help: concentrated expert knowledge of Bauwerk Parquet

Do you have any questions about cleaning and taking care of your parquet floor? Rosa will be happy to share the long-standing knowledge and experience of Bauwerk in parquet cleaning and care. There is an expert tip for every situation and for every floor — be it lacquered or not. With these, cleaning and taking care of your parquet will become even simpler, and you will enjoy your high-quality Bauwerk parquet floor for a long time.

Free "Cleaning and Care" workshops

There are regular workshops and events in our world of parquet. Did you consciously design your living space with Bauwerk parquet? Then take this opportunity to experience how easy and simple it is to clean and care for parquet.

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When cleaned and looked after properly, your parquet floor will give you pleasure for many years to come. That is why Bauwerk Parquet offers you a whole range of cleaning and care products that are ideally suited to your parquet floor. The individual surface finish treatments for Bauwerk flooring protects the high quality parquet wood from wear and dirt.

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