1-strip-planks to create a spaciously roomy look

1-strip-planks are the epitome of meticulous workmanship and stylish aesthetics of the highest quality. Their straight long sides emphasise the spacious feeling of a room and really bring out the unique characteristics of wood in its fascinating pure form. Thanks to the great variety of choice in terms of structure, grading, colour and surface treatment, there is perfect 1-strip-plank solution for every style and every need.


Novel laying patterns

The genius behind Formpark lies in its simplicity. All kinds of different patterns appear depending on the installation and the incidence of light – from calm to lively, from classic to avant-garde. Transitions flowing from one pattern to another can also emerge. Our living space can be designed with even greater individuality using Formpark.


Suitable for rooms of all sizes

The Longplank is suitable for small and large rooms alike. Longplank products without bevels can also be used to create a unique continuous finish. With its large selection of colours, surfaces and structures, Longplank parquet is an ideal choice for a wide variety of room layouts. The range also offers various modern products for even more individuality as well as clever special designs like Silente ensure the reduction of ambient and impact sounds.


For classic or modern interiors

The strip is the traditional parquet classic. With its wide variety of wood types, colours, surfaces and gradings, Bauwerk’s strip format offers maximum flexibility for stylish room effects, from traditional to modern – and at amazing value for money.


Parquet elements for a ship deck look

The practical multi-strip elements in a ship deck look guarantee an extremely efficient installation and facilitate individual interior design thanks to the variety of wood types.

Solid Parquet

For a timeless industrial look

Bauwerk Parquet’s story began in 1936 with the invention of the solid parquet. The timeless industrial look continues to be very popular today and is impressive as it is highly durable and extremely long-lasting.

Bauwerk quality stands for the highest standards and is based on the four pillars of Development, Production, Services and Installation. Using this system, we guarantee top quality at every stage of the production process – and far beyond.
Bauwerk, the company with a long tradition, has been manufacturing parquet for the most exacting demands with great care, precision and passion since 1935. Bauwerk is proud of its origins, but also focuses on innovation.
With the predicate of "Healthy Living", Bauwerk makes an important contribution to a better quality of life. Because the deliberate decision of only using materials that promote healthy living contributes significantly to one's personal well-being indoors.