Decisive advantages of parquet for renovations

When you renovate your house or apartment, parquet is the ideal choice for replacing an existing floor covering. Because it is not very thick, 2-layer parquet is perfect for renovation jobs. The floor can be installed directly on top of existing flooring without losing any valuable height. Depending on the situation, a floating parquet may also be the way to go.

Each renovation project is individual and must take into account certain circumstances. Irrespective of the basis you have to work from, parquet is always a clean solution. It can be easily laid by a qualified installer after the old carpet has been removed and the subfloor has been correspondingly treated. If there is a stone or slab floor, the parquet can be placed directly on top of it, after it has been levelled and properly treated – there is no need for any heavyweight removal work here. A similar process can be followed for old strip floors. When properly prepared, there is nothing stopping you from installing the parquet directly on top. Have the floor installer advise you beforehand – after all, they are the experts and will be on hand should you need any help or advice.