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Timeless and elegant: parquet in trendy grey

Grey is the new trend colour for many modern private homes, and parquet floors are an apt way to bring it into interiors. 

Grey is the new trend colour for many modern private homes, and parquet floors are an apt way to bring it into interiors. 

Hardly the bore we imagined it to be: grey is the secret star of the world of interior design. Depending on the shade, this colour can look cool or warm, sober or lively. In combination with white, its countless advantages become manifest: grey wooden floors can offer a gentle contrast to light walls or the ceiling. At the same time, the colour’s neutrality gives the room a noble look, with a lot of room for inspiration.

Themultifaceted look of grey wooden floors

The interaction between the floor and interior elements are decisive for a room's appearance. Combined with grey parquet, rustic furniture - an antique table, or a country-style kitchen - creates a cosy, pleasant mood. With modern furniture and clear shapes and edges, grey floors can also look minimalistic and clean. The advantages of this trendy colour become apparent if put together with other colours and combined with different surfaces and textures: grey brings bright colours out in just the right way, without making them look garish. However, grey does not just go well with striking colours: even with matching shades, or transitions between lighter and darker grey tones, it creates a modern, stylish ambiance.

The many facets of grey

Grey is anything but dreary: it presents itself in many different shades and never fails to look fresh. So there is a good reason why we expanded our True Colours Edition with two select grey tones:

-       Nuvola

-       Roccia

The True Colours Edition was created in conjunction with furniture and interior designer Gesa Hansen as a homage to nature in all its facets. The new Nuvola and Roccia grey tones tell their own unique story and offer a perfect addition to the earthy tones that the edition has included so far. They are available in the large 1-strip-planks in Villapark format, and are manufactured with Swiss precision at Bauwerk’s main facility in St. Margrethen. The multi-layer coating technique “Next” perfectly accentuates the colour and gives it an intense depth effect. The new greys captivate with their natural look, highlighting the originality of the True Colours Edition and the unique character of every plank, in all its facets.

Production of grey parquet floors

The wood that best suits the production of grey parquet is particularly robust oak with greyish-yellow and yellow-brown heartwood. We stain the material and create colour nuances with lighter and darker grey tones using a special wood treatment process. It involves techniques referred to as smoking and priming:

  • Smoking results in two different kinds of product: ‘smoked’ and ‘slightly smoked’. Full smoking takes longer than slight smoking, which produces paler results. But it’s worth the wait: this time-intensive wood treatment can produce significantly darker colours in the wood. Furthermore, with smoking, the new colour permeates the parquet's entire top layer plank, meaning that it can subsequently be sanded without losing its colour. With slight smoking, the colour change is superficial and does not go through the entire plank.
  • Priming involves applying natural oil or lacquer onto the wood, which makes the parquet appear darker. Despite the treatment, the parquet retains its natural character and unique grain.
  • The colour of parquet can also be changed using pigmented natural oil or lacquer. In combination with the natural surface and pigmentation of the wood, this can result in a unique mixture and an inimitable signature for the product.

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